25 August 2015

Finishing with the House

So we've packed up our stuff and I'm cleaning the house now and we're wrapping things up here.  I'm behind on blogging since I haven't done some trips we took or any books for a long time but I don't know if I'll fix that anytime soon.

I'm sure I'll be writing more about the awfulness of leaving Mexico, but there is exactly one good thing about leaving Mexico.  I will never, ever live in this house again.  Every single room I finish cleaning forever feels wonderful.  I hated this house with every fiber of my being at worst and we had an uneasy truce at best.

For the record, I did like all the windows and I liked the kitchen. Also, I came to terms with the tile.  There's still way too much of it, but it doesn't bother me now like it did at first.  That's probably because I decided that dust mopping was the best it was going to get most of the time.  Just like my mother always says, it takes as long to vacuum (or mop) if it's been one day since you did it last or 1 month.  I don't let it get sticky or dusty, but I can live with most everything else.

Anyway.  It really was three things that came together to drive me nuts.  First, six bathrooms all with glass showers.  Second, I can't stand to have someone in the house with me for 20 hours a week and this house was much too big to keep clean without someone spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning it (and I was in no way willing to be that person).  Third, it honestly feels immoral for me to live in a house this large, especially in Mexico.  And I had no say in where we lived.

It was hard to live in the house in Tokmok and some days in that house were really hard.  But there were things I liked about the house and I felt lucky to have gas heat and a water heater in the bathroom and that wonderful washing machine. Also, I chose to live there and we could leave if we couldn't deal with it.  This house, for utterly opposite reasons, ground me down.  Both houses demanded far too much of my time to keep them going and that's not sustainable for me.

Sometimes I almost cry tears of joy when I think about moving into an apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  I don't need the second bathroom, but it is so much better than 6.

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