09 August 2015

Eating in Morelia

One of my very favorite parts of both trips to Morelia was the food.  Here's what we ate the first time.  And here's what we ate the second time.

Vasolotes.  These are like esquitas in Mexico City but better.  They have dozens of things to add to your boiled corn.  We chose crema (no mayo), salsa, lime, salt, and salsa Tarasca which was spicy fried bits of tortillas. It was perfect with the corn.  You get a cup of it and eat it with a spoon and they're all over the place in Morelia.

Corundas.  These were a little hard to find.  They're triangular, unfilled tamales served with crema and salsa on top.  We had them at the cenaduria I posted about yesterday and I loved them.  The salsa had some shredded chicken in it and three corundas for 21 pesos (less than $1.50 right now) was Delicious and filling.  I'm going to want to make these.

Carnitas.  Carnitas were invented in Michoacan so we had to eat them here.  We tried Carnitas El Dorado on Madero at the corner of Jalisco.  1/2 of carnitas cost around $8 and came with tortillas de comal and lots of salsas and was plenty for 3 and it was delicious.

We also ate at a comida economica called La Fondita near the Lazaro Cardenas monument.  I love these places.  There was agua de guanabana and we had chiles rellenos, chilaquiles, and milanesa, along with beans, rice, and salsas.

I could eat in Morelia for a long, long time.

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