08 August 2015

Cenaduria de La Inmaculada

The main Catholic church building in Morelia has a really interesting project that they've been doing for decades. They wanted to build a new church about 40 or 50 years ago so they started doing a fundraiser. They cooked food to sell every night and eventually built their new church. The whole thing was so successful that when they built the church, they added a cafeteria space in the basement so they could keep selling food. They sell food to hundreds of people every night and use the money for all sorts of humanitarian projects and they also feed people who need help. Individuals can come to the church to ask for money for specific needs and they donate to hospitals and other organizations. People from the church volunteer their time to cook, serve, and clean up and there were men, women, and children of all ages helping. They sell all sorts of typical food from this part of the country. The food is very affordable and there was a wide variety of people there. I thought it was a great humanitarian project and the food was delicious.

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