13 July 2015


We're working on checking off the things we want to do before we leave so last night we went to Tlaquepaque to eat hand-stretched churros.  On the way in and out the light at the intersection with the Bustamante street art was red long enough for us to finally get photos of it so we checked off something else too.  And there were, randomly, voladores.

We ate tamales on the main plaza in the northwest corner and I'd recommend stopping there if you're in Tlaquepaque after 6:30.  Much better than the restaurants.  They also had some delicious rice atole.  The churros stand we'd seen before wasn't there, but the people at another stand told us that the churros family had another stand a couple of blocks away so we were finally able to try them.  The location of the origianl stand is linked above and the second stand is on Independencia and Carraza, two blocks east of the southeast corner of the plaza.

It's possible this was our last trip to Tlaquepaque.  It's been a good place to visit and last night was one of the best, sitting there eating tamales and listening to the voladores.

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