11 July 2015

San Blas

We went to San Blas for the weekend, again for a project my husband is working on.  I was just tagging along and hadn't read about San Blas but it turned out to be a great place.  The best thing for me was going through the mangrove swamps.  I've wanted to do that for a long time and I didn't know there were mangrove swamps in Mexico. I'll post about that tomorrow.

This is the low season on the Pacific Coast and it was very quiet, especially on Friday.  There were very few foreign tourists and some Mexican tourists.

Also, the stories about the jejenes are real.  This is the buggiest time of year and I was chewed up.  Repellent helps and you can buy it everywhere and it made it difference but I was still scratching a lot.  However, I'll take 20 jejene bites over a mosquito bite any day.  It was so satisfying to scratch those bites, and then you could slap them and they'd stop itching.  There is no satisfaction in scratching a mosquito bite and they're harder to ignore.

There's an old ruined church and fort overlooking the town that's worth climbing up to.


  1. Nice photos and interesting google reading about the jejenes. Did little one get eaten as well?

  2. No, he doesn't hold still long enough to get bitten. And he was mostly in the water.