18 July 2015

Morelia Food

We didn't have a lot of time in Morelia and sometimes we didn't have a choice in what we ate, but we did try to eat as many new things as possible.

Gaspachos.  This has only the loosest connection to gazpacho.  In Morelia, it's more like glorified fruit cocktail with diced fruit mixed with orange juice and topped with cheese, chile, onions, and/or crema.  Mine had mango, jicama, and pineapple.  My husband tried one with watermelon and other things but I had quit listening because it obviously didn't have mango.  I liked it, and I'd eat it again in Morelia, but I probably won't feel the need to make it at home unless I want to make something unique.

Tortas de mole. This was a little like a US sloppy joe with shredded meat instead of ground meat.  We had it with pickled red onions.  There were lots of these around town and it's clearly a lot more popular in Morelia than in Guadalajara.

Enchiladas placeras.  We learned a long time ago that enchiladas are really common in Mexico but that they don't necessarily look much like US enchiladas. We went to a little stand nearish the cathedral for these.  They don't have much, if any, filling but there is a lot to put on them.  The tortillas are fried and dipped in a tomato-chile sauce.  Then they're filled, if necessary, and rolled.  They come with lettuce and cooked potatoes and carrots to go on top. Ours were also served with two chicken legs.  And there is always crema and various salsas to go on them.  I liked them.

Nieve de pasta.  There were plenty of nieves de garrafa around that we're used to seeing in Guadlajara, but they also had nieve de pasta which is a specialty of Patzcuaro.  Think of it as dulce de leche ice cream.

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