20 July 2015

Horno Los Ortiz

I was poking around online while I was waiting for my husband to finish a meeting and found this bakery in Morelia that sounded like we couldn't miss it.  It would be best to go here around the Day of the Dead or at Christmas because they make some amazing breads, but at least we could see some of the Christmas breads they make.

This was a lovely bakery and we got an apple wrapped in puff pastry which was amazing, a strawberry criossant for the little one because he loves those, a tuna pastry that I loved, and a guangoche which is filled with cheese and apples and shaped like the bag it's named after, complete with twine to tie it off at the top.

I was very pleased, but I'll need to get more photos of the bread for sale when we go back because that clearly wasn't my husband's goal.  He did get some of the fun little breads they had for sale, like the crocodile, but the light wasn't really good there so we'll have to try again on that too.

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