23 July 2015

6 Weeks Left

We have 6 weeks left in Mexico and I have a much longer list of things I'd like to do before we leave than is possible, since you'd need to live in Mexico for much longer than two years to do all the things, but I feel like we've done pretty well.  Here's what I hope is actually possible, not what I wish I could do.

In Guadalajara:

Casa de las Artesanias
Museo de Artes Populares
Regional Museum
La Luz del Mundo
Tastoanes in Tonala on Saturday
Wander downtown

Near Guadalajara:

Palacio de Ocomo
Ixtlan del Rio
Plazuelas and Mesa de Acuitzio


Acambaro (and Chupicuaro?)
La Piedad
Guzman area?
Tepic or Manzanillo?
GDL people

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