17 June 2015

This hasn't been the best few months for blogging while we've had to focus almost entirely on family things the last bit before we leave the older boys in the US for the summer.  But school is nearly done for everyone, finally; the flights are planned; and the necessary packing and laundry will happen because it always does.  A lot of our friends are moving in the next few weeks and we've been saying goodbye and going to events.

Then we get to come back to Mexico for two final months of exploring. We have trips planed for the coast, Morelia, Chapala, southern Guanajuato state, Guanajuato city, and many day trips.  I have a few more pyramids to see around here, more food to enjoy, and a few more museums to see in Guadalajara.  And there will be packing and moving but that will happen too no matter what I think about it.

And then there will be leaving.

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