19 June 2015

Chasing Power

Teen magical realism.  I liked it.

18 June 2015

La Tacopedia

It's coming in English.

The Gemma Doyle Trilogy

I liked this but didn't love it.  The teenage girl stuff could get really annoying at times and there were a lot of things the author just skimmed over- sometimes I felt like the previous book finally made sense when I read the summary of it in the next book, since they always have to remind you what happened before in a series.  But it was still pleasant to read.

17 June 2015

This hasn't been the best few months for blogging while we've had to focus almost entirely on family things the last bit before we leave the older boys in the US for the summer.  But school is nearly done for everyone, finally; the flights are planned; and the necessary packing and laundry will happen because it always does.  A lot of our friends are moving in the next few weeks and we've been saying goodbye and going to events.

Then we get to come back to Mexico for two final months of exploring. We have trips planed for the coast, Morelia, Chapala, southern Guanajuato state, Guanajuato city, and many day trips.  I have a few more pyramids to see around here, more food to enjoy, and a few more museums to see in Guadalajara.  And there will be packing and moving but that will happen too no matter what I think about it.

And then there will be leaving.


This is the first steampunk I've read and I loved it in so many ways.  The plot left a little to be desired but the idea of airships being the standard mode of transportation more than made up for any faults in this book.

16 June 2015

The Lyra Novels

This isn't exactly a series, but a set of five related books that you can read in any order, or just one or two.  I read the fourth book, Caught in Crystal, not long after it came out many years ago but hadn't read any of the others.  Patricia Wrede is always worth reading.

05 June 2015

I have been pleasantly surprised recently to discover that there are a few things I'm looking forward to about living in the US again for a while. I've never been all that thrilled about going back before, and while I don't want to leave Mexico, at least I'm excited about the next year.  It helps that I'm going to a city that I love, but even more than that, it helps that I know I will be there for less than a year.

The main thing I'm looking forward to is cooking a wider variety of dishes.  We've certainly not been deprived here in Guadalajara and I'll miss a lot of the ingredients that are so easy to find here, but I'm also ready to have more spices, more varieties of rice, more tofu, more hard cheeses, and especially, more Asian vegetables.  And I'll be able to get all that at at least different stores within a few minutes' walk of my house.  Jusay, long beans, chinsay, bok choy, and so much more are waiting for me.

People ask a lot where I want to settle down but there is no perfect place.  I want to have all the ingredients available, from Kyrgyzstan strawberries to Chapala raspberries to Kyrgyzstan laghman that someone else made to fresh masa to moles and salsas and coconut and jusay and hot naan and falafel and tabbouleh and pho and pressed tofu and  so much more.  I want to live near rocky coasts where no one else wants to go.  I want geysers.  I want the people to speak languages I already know.  I want it to never be hot.  I want snow.  I want pyramids and yurts and mountains.  I want wild rainstorms and windstorms.  And that place does not exist.