17 May 2015

Tortas Toño

Tortas Toño has lots of branches around the city and it's a great place to get a torta ahogada.  You walk in, pay for your food (number of sandwiches and number of drinks), then you go on to choose the type of torta you want (pierna is traditional) and they'll fill your sandwich for you, then you sauce it up the way you want it and can add onions, lime, and beans.  Then you go on to choose the drinks you paid for.  Like all torta ahogada places, there's a spot where you can wash your hands.  The tortas are a little more expensive here than some places but it's a quick place to get a torta especially if you like to sauce it yourself. They close for all of Semana Santa and like most torta places, they close in the late afternoon. You can get them to go and we've done that, but tortas ahogadas aren't the easiest thing to eat on the road.

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