14 May 2015

The New Parrots

So the obnoxious (except for that one time) parrot hasn't been around for months.  I don't know if it died, or if it was moved to the neighbor's backyard, or if it lives in their house now (I vote that no one should get a parrot that they're not willing to keep in the house most of the time), but all is quiet there and it has been lovely.

But.  Some other neighbors won their battle with the owners of some different parrots, and now those two parrots, instead of living in the backyard, live in the front yard which means I can hear them. These parrots are a lot less annoying though,  Sure, they're still noisy, but they mostly say hola when you walk by and whistle cheery tunes.  No whining.  Not much squawking.  They do manage an odd sound that's makes me wonder if one is dying a painful death, but I'll take these new parrots over the old one any day.  Unless the old one is teasing little children in the neighborhood.

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