29 May 2015

She Shall Be an Ensign

Ardis Parshall, an LDS historian, is trying to raise money so she can write a new church history book "told through the lives of its women."  The funding is 2/3 completed only a few days into the project.

I've read Ardis's blog for years and met her through a mutual friend several years ago.  Ardis has access to the necessary resources, but more importantly, she knows how to find the right information and tell the stories with clarity and interest.  She cares about the people so many other historians ignore (especially the isolated people) and she doesn't just focus on the standard things we've all heard before.  This is the woman we want to write this book and we so very much need a book like this.

I've never, ever contributed to a gofundme or kickstarter or any of the other things before and certainly never asked anyone else to, but if you haven't already, please consider donating.  We can make this happen.  

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