12 May 2015

Overland Travel

So, in my perpetual and so far unsuccessful quest to find a way to move to the eastern hemisphere without flying the whole way, I'm plotting for next year's move from the US to the Middle East.  We'd have to fly for the beginning and the end because I've driven across the US enough times and there's really not a rational way to get from Istanbul to Riyadh except by plane, but that leaves a lot of the planet waiting for adventure.  And we have 3 weeks in which to do it.

My current brilliant idea is to fly to New York City, sail to the UK, then get Eurail passes and trek across Europe to Istanbul.

My ideas have never actually worked, but maybe this one will.  I have my husband a lot more on board this time than ever before, and the children.

There would be no jet lag this way (because, people losing/gaining one or two hours is not jet lag).  On the ship, you lose an hour each day at noon.  That's a great hour to lose, although the hour from 2-3 or 3-4 would be even better.  Istanbul and Riyadh are in the same time zone.  And you can go fast enough on a train to get jet lagged, can you?

I would LOVE to rent a car in London and drop it off in Istanbul but that looks impossible.  Would that not be the best thing ever? We could, of course, rent lots of cars and work our way across Europe, but that's not really a great idea.


  1. Great plan. Hope it works out this time!

  2. That sounds like a dream trip. I hope it works out.

  3. I love the Eurail idea, that sounds fantastic. Only I thought that there are rules about age? I always wanted to do the Eurail thing but never had the money...

  4. We'd have to get first class passes if we're going as a family, but the children can travel free with an adult as of this year so I think it balances out.

  5. This sounds fantastic! I hope it works out in some shape or form.