29 May 2015

I always feel so conflicted when we're coming to the end of living in a place.  No matter how much there is to do before we leave, there's always a deadline when you get on that airplane and all the things you're going to get done are done.  If there are frustrating things about the place, you're done with them.  The first is more true here and the second in Kyrgyzstan, but they're both still there.  

I am also so looking forward to the end of the dry season and the end of school in a few weeks.  I cannot wait till both of those are over, and till we get to do a quick trip to the US where I think I'm actually going to see everyone in my family for the first time in a long time.  I always love the end of the school year and having someone in real school makes that even more true.  And I am so done with the hot season.

But sometimes it feels like my heart is being squeezed when I think about leaving Mexico.  This has been such a good place to live in so many ways.  My youngest in particular has been so happy here.  Not only does he speak a lot more Spanish than I expected him to learn, he's learned a lot about Mexico and being a TCK.  It's been so fun to watch him. 

And we're going to have to big family changes this summer and I am not at all looking forward to those. I hope it's for the best, and I think it probably is, although if plans change, I'd be delighted.  

So I'm really happy I'll have July and August here to try to wring out the last bit of Mexico I can fit in.

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