09 April 2015

Holy Thursday

I looked forward to this day all year long so we could go back to the churches we saw last year (and get better photos), and because I love seeing how this day is done in Mexico.  I wasn't able to do as much for Holy Week as I wanted to, but I made sure this day had nothing else going on so I could focus on this.

We also tried ice cream and ate birria in Las 9 Esquinas.  It's a lovely spot and I wish we'd gone earlier.  We walked through last year but didn't spend any time there.

And we went to the Expiatorio last of all.  We even got to see the Apostle clock at 1 PM.

Santa Filomena

Iglesia Cristiana Congregaci├│nal

Templo del Perpetuo Socorro

Parroquia de San Juan Bautista de Mexicaltzingo

Nine Corners

Templo de San Sebastián de Analco

Guadalajara garbage truck.  I love these and have been meaning to get a photo for a long time.  From the right you have the statue of Minerva at one of the main glorietas in the city (and this is also on the new Jalisco licence plates), the Cathedral, the Arches on Vallarta, and Hospicio Cabanas.

The last two images are the Governor's Palace and the Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres

Holy Week empanadas

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