14 April 2015

Book Catch-up: The Bishop's Wife, The Long White Cloud, Outlander, Underground in Arabia, and Lots of Rereads

I'm probably going to miss something here, but at least I'll get some in that I know I missed.

I liked a lot of things about The Bishop's Wife, but I didn't really love the plot which might have ruined the book, but like I said, there were a lot of other good things.

Outlander fulfilled its purpose in getting me through orthodontist appointments.

The Long White Cloud is an expat book.  It's really random with lots of short chapters.  I would have preferred something a little better organized but it was still pleasant to read.

Underground in Arabia was fun, especially since the author now lives here in Guadalajara and writes great books about hiking and stuff in western Mexico. I sincerely hope we can go to some of these places in Saudi.

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