16 April 2015

A Day in the Life of an Expat

Or maybe being expected to live a developed world life in a developing country. It's easier for me to be an expat when I can leave most of the developed world expectations behind, but at least the difference between the US and Mexico is much smaller than the difference between the US and Kyrgyzstan.

Got up; sent the youngest off to school; cleaned; started the laundry; found a neighbor willing to let me use her stove so I could bake the bread sitting from yesterday because my stove wouldn't heat up; hung the laundry; walked to the tianguis to buy chicken, mangoes, raspberries, coconut, garlic, and tostadas from six different vendors, all of whom know me; put away the groceries and got some things done on the computer; ate lunch; went to my Spanish class; came home and waited for the piano teacher who was an hour late which was fine, although I would have exercised if I'd known she was going to be late; held the piano teacher's baby during the lesson; called a taxi to take me and my youngest to a birthday party; survived the party which actually turned out to be the least uncomfortable school/birthday party I've been to in Mexico; came home with my husband; tucked the little one in bed; and I still need to exercise and clean up the kitchen.

I am now going to sit quietly and watch Call the Midwife and no one will talk to me.

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