01 April 2015

Nieves de Garrafa

So I'm way behind here.  I'm always slower on blogging at this time of year, and then we had company.  We discovered a new-to-me ice cream here in Guadalajara that's way better than the La Michoacana helados I've learned to avoid.  The new thing is nieves de garrafa.  Coconut is like a little piece of heaven.

You can see this is the real stuff.  They make it by hand in the shop and they're have a few branches around the city.  We first had it in Tlaquepaque and then tried the original store in Chapalita (and it's called, not surprisingly, Nieves de Garrafa Chapalita).  There's also a Jocotepec version, and San Antonio, and Mexicaltzingo (which we'll try on Thursday), and more.

We have some experimenting to do.

If you're curious, there are milk-based, water-based, and yogurt-based flavors.  The yogurt ones are blueberry, pina colada, blackberry, cherry, strawberry, and peach.  The water ones are red wine, berry, mint, spicy salty sweet tamarind, mango, passionfruit, mandarine, beer, lime, strawberry, and kiwi.  The milk ones are lime pie, chocolate chip, Oreo cookie, cheese, tequila, coconut, coffee, nut, mocha, Bailey's. pine nut, mamey, pistachio, vanilla, strawberry cheese, and Nutella.

ETA later that Chapalita is our favorite ice cream place over all the rest.  There are branches in lots of different places including Chapalita, Tlaquepaque, Provedencia, Valle Real, and more.

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