11 March 2015

Helado de Frambuesa o Mango

I've been having fun experimenting with fruit sorbets rather than regular ice cream because fruit is cheap here and you don't have to cook it before so you don't have to plan ahead as much.  A lot of the recipes I've seen use too much water and sugar for me so I've just done my own thing.

For mango sorbet, puree four large mangoes.  You need to taste them all and only use mangoes with a good flavor.  One not-so-good mango can ruin the whole batch and sugar does not save them.  Then add a little water- maybe 1/2 cup- chill, and freeze in an ice cream maker.

For raspberry, I use a full liter of raspberries and puree then to a little over 2.5 cups.  Add about a cup of water and sugar to taste, chill, and freeze.  I tried removing the seeds one time but it was a hassle and a waste and I don't mind the seeds, so I leave them in.  You can also add a bit of lime juice if you like

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