19 February 2015

So I'm not at all looking forward to leaving Mexico, but I am excited about getting to be back in DC again for a while.  I don't know if I could ever get tired of that city, although I wouldn't want to move there permanently.  So that's one thing this job is perfect for. Anyway, I'm having fun making plans.

I'm getting ready to do a history of Washington DC course with my middle son who will be a sophomore next year.  This year's Mexico class has been great and I'm glad he's had the chance to learn a lot about Mexico and see some things too.  DC will be easier since it's a much smaller place with a much shorter history and it's possible to see much more in a shorter time.

I'm also thinking about doing an around the world food fest while we're there.  I wouldn't tell my family about this since they think we already do this every day, but since DC has so many ethnic groceries you really can cook food from many, many places around the world.

I've read a few blogs of people who've done this, but they did it by country and I don't think that's the best way to do it because food doesn't divide up neatly by country.  Northern Mexico and Yucatean food are way more different from each other than Kazakh and Kyrgyz food, but when you do it by country, you get one night for all of Mexico and two for Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. And how in the world do you do China and Russia with one meal?  And you lose all the different ethnic cuisines that aren't represented by a political entity which is about the saddest thing ever.

So I'm thinking about wandering around the world's food geographically rather than by country.  I could begin in northeast Russia, work west and south through Asia, then looping through Africa, then up to Europe, and over to North and South America.  It sounds so fun!

And I'll be working on Arabic.  Maybe I'll be spending so much time on it that I won't be able to do much else, or maybe it'll just be a couple of hours a day (I'm sort of leaning toward that).  But whatever happens, I want to take advantage of living in DC and doing things I can only do there.


  1. Do you have a good borsch recipe? I'm looking for one.

  2. I don't, but my mom does. I'll get it from her and post it.