27 February 2015

Coco Helado

There's a stand at the Wednesday tianguis that sells fresh coconut.  You can get a bag of coconut water or the coconut meat, ready to eat (with chile, salt, and lime, if you like).  I usually get it plain and bring it home, blend it up with water and a little sugar, then drink it.

But today I turned it into ice cream.  I've been meaning to do that since we were in the Yucatan and ate coco helado there and loved it.

Since my coconut was young coconut and very tender, I skipped most of the straining and squeezing.  If you have young coconut, try this. I made one coconut's worth, but two would have been better in my ice cream maker. One coconut made enough for two people. This will be written for 2 coconuts to serve 4-5 people.

Coarsely chop the meat from 2 young coconuts and put it in a blender.  Add enough water to just cover the coconut and blend really, really well.  I did the long soup setting on my blender.  Pour that through a fine strainer into a large measuring cup (at least 4 cups).  Dump whatever is left in the strainer back into the blender, add a little more water and some sugar (the recipe I was working from said two cups, but I think that is crazy and would start with 1/2 cup and go from there).  Blend that really well again, then pour it through the strainer to add to the rest of the coconut you already strained.  If necessary, add enough water so it equals four cups.  Taste it and add more sugar if you want it.

Put it in the fridge for a few hours till it's well chilled, then freeze it in an ice cream maker.  Stir it before you pour it in.

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