07 February 2015

Chichen Itza

My husband and middle son went to the new Chichen Itza light show the night we drove into town. They both really liked it.

I didn't love the hotel choices around Chichen Itza.  They were either overpriced and a little tired, or really expensive.  And that was the place of the horrible restaurant.  But it was worth staying near the site so we could be there when it opened to avoid the crowds.  The tour buses from Cancun don't arrive till 10 or 11, so that gave us a couple of hours to explore before it was hot or terribly crowded.

You can't climb on anything here, not surprisingly, but there are lots of good signs and it's a great site.  It's not my favorite because it's too touristy for that, but I'm glad that so many people who go to Cancun make it to Chichen Itza.

It was interesting to come here and see gods and designs from central Mexico.

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