26 January 2015


I'd had this as a possible site to visit, but we weren't sure about going there since it was a bit of a drive off the main road.  But when we were at Tohcok, the man there said it was the place site in the area to visit and said there was a better road there than Google Maps knew about so we went there next.  I'm glad we did.

They think it was settled in 400 BC which makes this a rather old site and it was abandoned around 1000.  It's a large site with lots of places to poke around.  Almost no one was there.  It mostly has Chenes-style architecture which is mostly found south of this site around Dzibilchen, but also some Puuc influence from up closer to Uxmal.

There's a turnoff just north of Hopelchen to the site and you follow the road for about 20-30 minutes to get there.  It's a little narrow, but it didn't have much traffic and it's paved the whole way.  We did get stuck waiting for corn to be loaded.  The road was lovely with yellow flowers crowding us.

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