15 January 2015


We stayed in a lovely spot just outside Santa Elena on Tuesday and Wednesday nights since there is a lot to see in the area.  It's an eco place that's getting started.  It's a short drive off the road so it's quiet and dark and perfect.  There's a delicious breakfast (we had eggs one day and chayas the next) and no electricity in the rooms except the lights.  They were worried there wasn't enough hot water for our family because they use solar water heaters, but we've had plenty of practice with that.  It's a lot easier to take a quick, slightly cool shower in Yucatan in January than to try to conserve the hot water for other family members in January in Tokmok.  There's also just one area for wifi which is lovely again because it's available, but that's not all you (or your children) do (although if the oldest were here, he'd probably sit down there all the time). I really liked the place we stayed in Campeche, but the place in Santa Elena has been my favorite so far that we've stayed.

I am having such a lovely time on this trip.  It's wonderful to drive in the dark a bit, and that's pretty necessary since it's dark at 6 PM here.  All the of the sites have been great as we expected after seeing a lot of INAH sites in other parts of the country.  I am so impressed and pleased, again.

Anyway, we went to Labná, Xlapak, Sayil, and Kabah yesterday.  I really liked Labná and Kabah was my favorite because of the temple of the masks. I loved that.  We finished around 2 PM and since it was hot and I was having trouble walking, we drove to a cenote about 45 minutes away where the boys went swimming, then stopped in Muna for groceries and an ATM, and back to Santa Elena for dinner (I had chayas which I loved), then bed for the littlest one who was a little loopy yesterday from sleep deprivation.  He's done amazingly well though.

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