14 January 2015


We got up in lovely Campeche, ate motuleños for breakfast, tried unsuccessfully to visit a baluarte, and drove off to see more pyramids.  Tacob was first.  It's a small site just off the road before Hopelchen so we stopped there. The caretaker was very chatty and suggested we go to Xtampak.  I had had that as a possible visit but hadn't been able to find much about the site and wasn't sure about the road so it was nice to hear about it from him.

So we drove off to Xtampak which is a very cool site, then back down to Xochob and Tabesqueños.  It was lovely driving through that part of Campeche.  The stars are amazing, the air is so fresh, and it's a little drier here so it smelled more like Kyrgyzstan when it's fresh and green in the early summer than the greenness of places that are damp all the time. I am so glad we were able to come here when it's relatively cool.  

We're in a lovely little spot now that's off the road, has solar power, amazing stars, and is so very quiet.  It's perfect.  I had salbutes for dinner and a marquesita from the square near the church.  My husband, the dud, had pancakes for breakfast yesterday instead of motuleños and a burrito, of all things, when he could have had panuchos or salbutes. 

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