17 January 2015


Uxmal.  I loved it.  When I've counted up all our pyramid sites in Mexico and ranked them for different things, Uxmal will be near the top of everything.  This is definitely a must-see in Mexico.

And we got our Christmas shopping for next year done in one of the gift stores.  That's always a winner.

We also went to Mayapán. I really liked this site too.  It's quiet and not highly decorated like a lot of the sites we've been seeing, but there are two dozen structures to poke around and lots to climb, including some very worthy pyramids.   This site really should be visited more and not dismissed by the guide books.  This would be a great one to visit with little children.

We had hoped to have time for a stop in Izamal to the its massive pyramid but there wasn't time.  So we stopped in Acancéh on the way.  I like the towns with pyramids next to the church.  We haven't seem that much in this part of the country.  The INAH man was very friendly, even when we told him that we didn't want a lot of explanation (those who care will read about it later on their own time) and took up up to the top.  He also rounded up our youngest to mow the lawn.  The pyramid has five of its eight original masks partially visible at the top.  I liked it.

We forgot to look for a gas station around Acancéh and remembered when we were on the carraterra.  We ended up back tracking 25 kilometers for gas but it worked out fine since we all love driving around Mexico.  Also, we found someone selling nieve on the side of the road and tried coconut and strawberry. I never like strawberry ice cream and it wasn't any better here, but the coconut was amazing.  I never liked coconut anything growing up because I don't like fake coconut flavoring or the desiccated, shredded, overly-sweet stuff.  That was all the seemed to be available then, but the first time I tried fresh coconut I was hooked.  This was like eating a coconut turned into ice cream.

We had some amazing chaya empanadas for breakfast, but those and the coconut ice cream were the only food highlights of the day. We've run out of peanut butter and haven't been able to find more so we bought ham and cheese sandwiches in Uxmal for lunch (there's no food available at smaller sites so we've been eating peanut butter sandwiches for lunch in the car) and then I ate at the hotel's restaurant for dinner.  It was the most disappointing restaurant I've ever eaten at in Mexico.  There was almost nothing Mexican or Yucatecan on the menu and I ended up with huevos al gusto which is fine, but nothing amazing.  Breakfast is included and I don't have much hope for that, but we'll be in Valladolid tomorrow and I fully expect it to redeem my faith in the food here.

I'll think about coconut ice cream, chayas, and Uxmal instead.  Chichén Itzá tomorrow.

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