18 January 2015


Our adventure is coming to an end. :(

We went to Cobá this morning, early again to avoid the tour buses, then drove to Tulum for snorkeling and sea turtles.  We ended up at a hotel on the edge of town and begged for a discounted rate which they were kind enough to give us since the place isn't full despite everything else in town seeming to be booked (we checked).  This place is a lot more expensive than last night's place and not any better, but we were glad we didn't have to drive back to Cobá to find an available place.  I suppose trying to find a hotel in Tulum on a long weekend in the US isn't a good idea.  I hope we can find something tomorrow night.

Tonight we ate tortas, tacos, tamales, and arroz con leche for dinner.  Tomorrow morning is fruit on the way to Tulum.

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