13 January 2015


So we left Escárcega after stopping at Chedraui (which seems to be ubiquitous in the Yucatan, and I'm not complaining since it's my preferred large chain in Mexico and the one in Escárcega even had crunchy peanut butter) and headed east for Calakmul.  But it was all for naught since there was a protest on the road, the only road, not far out of town.  I am glad it wasn't very far out of town so we didn't have to backtrack much since we had to give up after a while and turn around.

The protest was about sugar cane farmers who had a land dispute. They'd cut trees down and laid them in the road and were waiting for someone to come listen to their demands.  The people on the  other side of the trees had driven a lot further to get to that point and had a longer way to backtrack.  The result was that we couldn't make it to Calakmul without driving an extra three hours, and when it was already a long drive to get there, we had to drop it entirely.  So we drove up to Edzná  and on to Campeche. 

Edzná was wonderful and Campeche is a great town.  We found a hotel very close to the cathedral (but still quiet) that had ESPN so middle son could watch the game, and there was a good restaurant next door with plenty of Yucatecan food  to eat.

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