20 January 2015

La Venta Museum in Villahermosa

La Venta was first explored in the 1920s and then excavated beginning in the 1940s.  A lot of the major finds from the site were moved to Villahermosa in the 1950s when archaeologists were concerned about their safety.  Their motives were good but a lot of the pieces were moved without being marked.

Still, the museum is nice.  It's in a jungly setting to try to recreate at least a little the feel of the original site and the signs are good.  Definitely worth a visit, although it would have been better to go to the actual site.

We were there on a rainy day which made the photos not so great, but that's okay.  This was the closest we came to visiting an Olmec site.  Everything else we did was Mayan.

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