20 January 2015

17 archaeological sites
8 hotels
1 museum
5 states
Hundreds of kilometers (forgot to check)
Three beaches
2 sea turtles
1 sting ray
Stars galore
Night driving
Countless salbutes, tacos, eggs, tamales, and tortas
1 awful meal
0 noisy hotels
0 car accidents
0 injuries
1 seriously dirty car, inside and out
1 laundry run
Four loaves of Bimbo bread
Four jars of Skippy peanut butter
A million crackers
8 big bottles of water
Countless bananas, mangoes, apples, and mandarins
3 jars of jam
3 sour oranges
Pickled onions
Four different kinds of cheese
Lots of tortillas 
1 bag of plastic spoons
1 functioning formerly-broken foot
Stinkiest laundry ever
Best trip ever

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