16 December 2014


They're starting a new Christmas tradition at my son's school where they'll pick a different country each year and learn about Christmas there.  And, lucky for me, they're starting with Mexico. :) It does lead, however, to one of the same problems that expats and immigrants everywhere experience- the feeling of having no clue what's going on because everyone else needs no explanation.

So last week when my son came home from school with a round of uncooked dough and a very vague idea about what its point was (since that part was explained mostly in Spanish by one of the mothers), and since I was downstairs with no internet access and no desire to drag myself upstairs on crutches, I had to start guessing.  I usually see buñuelos that look like this, but I knew that they can also look like this so I asked if it was a buñuelo.  He was delighted that I knew the name since he'd forgotten.

He informed me it needed to be cooked (obviously) and he was quite sure syrup and sugar were involved (what a surprise he remembered that part). So we had to figure out how to cook it.  I was pretty sure they were deep-fried, but I have no desire to deep fry anything while I'm on crutches, so we tried shallow frying it and it worked well.  I also had no desire to make any kind of syrup especially when cinnamon and sugar are delicious and he agreed to skip the syrup, thankfully.  So we sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on the freshly-cooked buñuelo and it was perfect.

And since making the dough is the easy part, we can now have buñuelos every Christmas.

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