31 December 2014

New Year's Eve

So, another year gone. 2014 was less eventful than 2013 because we didn't move.  2014 was the first time since 2003 that we haven't moved in a calendar year.  We sort of made up for it with medical mishaps though since I was in the hospital twice this year after never spending any time in one except to give birth.

Here's what I hoped for this year:

Go to the ocean
Go to the mountains
Know where we're going next
Trip to the US or somewhere else
I suppose I should learn Spanish

And we pretty much did this stuff, but it turned out so much better than I would have imagined.  We spent a month in Mexico DF between two different trips and I'll spare you my love for DF since you either have read about it or you don't care.  Visiting Guanajuato in March was wonderful.  And we did go to the US which wasn't my top choice, but what the rest of the family wanted.  I can't complain.  And we know we're moving to Riyadh next year. And I know more Spanish than I did a year ago. I guess this counts as a pretty successful year.

So here's what I want for 2015:

Walk normally ASAP
Guanajuato with the boys
Oaxaca?  Probably wishful thinking
Cousins visit
No medical mishaps or emergencies for anyone
Everyone makes it to the US for a quick visit in June
Master tamale making so I can eat them anywhere in the world
Explore western Mexico more
More pyramids
Visit Charlottesville
New York City at least once
Get ready to wring everything we can out of a few months in Washington DC

30 December 2014

The Bridei Chronicles

This is another series by Juliet Marillier.  I liked the Sevenwaters books better in general, but I liked this one too.

29 December 2014

Sorcery and Cecelia Series

This series was another perfect one for reading while I've been stuck, especially over Christmas.  It's just fun and pretty random, but that's what makes it work.

16 December 2014


They're starting a new Christmas tradition at my son's school where they'll pick a different country each year and learn about Christmas there.  And, lucky for me, they're starting with Mexico. :) It does lead, however, to one of the same problems that expats and immigrants everywhere experience- the feeling of having no clue what's going on because everyone else needs no explanation.

So last week when my son came home from school with a round of uncooked dough and a very vague idea about what its point was (since that part was explained mostly in Spanish by one of the mothers), and since I was downstairs with no internet access and no desire to drag myself upstairs on crutches, I had to start guessing.  I usually see buñuelos that look like this, but I knew that they can also look like this so I asked if it was a buñuelo.  He was delighted that I knew the name since he'd forgotten.

He informed me it needed to be cooked (obviously) and he was quite sure syrup and sugar were involved (what a surprise he remembered that part). So we had to figure out how to cook it.  I was pretty sure they were deep-fried, but I have no desire to deep fry anything while I'm on crutches, so we tried shallow frying it and it worked well.  I also had no desire to make any kind of syrup especially when cinnamon and sugar are delicious and he agreed to skip the syrup, thankfully.  So we sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on the freshly-cooked buñuelo and it was perfect.

And since making the dough is the easy part, we can now have buñuelos every Christmas.

14 December 2014

13 December 2014

Strange Stones

I love pretty much anything Peter Hessler writes and this was no exception.

12 December 2014

11 December 2014

Sevenwaters Books

I read the rest of the series that started with Daughter of the Forest and also the next 3 books that continued the story later.  I think the first was the best but I liked all of the books and it has been so nice to have something good to read.

10 December 2014


A few days before I broke my foot we went to Tonala.  The store we wanted to go to was closed, but we went further down to road to a pottery place someone else recommended.  And there's always time for a stop at the church.