18 November 2014

The Parrot

I think I've mentioned the obnoxious parrot that lives across the street that often sounds like a whining child. In addition to the whining, it also has a selection of various squawks and whistles and a few words and phrases, including ven (come) and voy (I'm coming).

So it was a holiday yesterday and two kids were in the playground in the morning and heard the parrot.  I don't know why they decided it was their friend Pablo, but they spent nearly an hour calling to the parrot, telling it to come play with them in the playground.  The parrot alternated between saying ven and voy while the boys told it they were in the playground, or that they didn't know which house to go to and to come to the playground instead.  Finally they yelled that they weren't going to be Pablo's friend anymore because he wasn't coming even though he said he would.  Poor Pablo.

1 comment:

  1. This story made me laugh. Especially considering the mistake I made with the identity of that bird.