12 November 2014

Small Batch Tamales

I have things I want to learn how to make well before I leave Mexico. I don't necessarily need to, since there's no point in making, for example, tamales when they're so cheap and delicious here, but I'll need them in Saudi. And it's easier to have to substitute ingredients if you've made it the real way a few times.

But tamales have always seemed like something I wouldn't make at home.  Lots of stuff, meat that cooks for days, filling so many little things.  It just all seemed terribly complicated even if you ended up with five dozen tamales.  I don't want 60 tamales in the freezer. I'm not nice enough to make 60 tamales and give them away. And there's no way I'm hassling with a moving a pot large enough to steam 60 tamales.

Then I was sitting in the hospital earlier this year watching a cooking show (best thing about that hospital stay) and the cooking woman made 10 tamales.  Just 10. Enough for dinner.  It took her a few minutes to make them. She used normal pots.  And I was amazed.

So that's one of my projects for the next few months, in addition to the enchilada testing.  I'm going to figure out how to make our favorite tamales with ingredients a person can get or take anywhere, not just in Mexico, and requiring normal dishes and amounts of time.  Tamales a person can make for dinner  if you have time to steam them, not tamales that take all day long.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to know how to do this. Please post a recipe if you figure it out.