09 November 2014


Last of all we went to a few cemeteries at dusk.  We just missed two of them as they were closing, unfortunately (although we explored an interesting part of town we hadn't been in), but we were able to see the cemetery in San Juan de Ocatan.  This is a very poor part of the city (actually a little town that Guadalajara has expanded toward) and the feel was very different on the 2nd from wealthier areas like Tlaquepaque and Chapala.  There was no evidence of the Day of the Dead on the streets, no banners, no altars outside, no flowers for sale.  But there were people selling flowers in the parking lot for the small cemetery and the cemetery itself was filled with flowers, although few banners again since they're relatively expensive. It was a different feel again from the cemetery we went to last year, but still very beautiful.  We arrived as they were doing mass.

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