17 November 2014


We went to the ocean, finally, last weekend.  There's so much to see in Mexico that going to the beach wasn't really high on my list, especially to touristy, hot, humid places.  Manzanillo isn't so touristy, at least with foreign tourists, and we stayed near Santiago beach rather than near the port so it was still beautiful.  And best of all, a storm blew in halfway through and cooled things down nicely.  That storm had wandered up to Guadalajara by the time we got home and it was lovely and cool here.

We drove up the coast about 40 miles to Melaque also.

Santiago beach was wonderful for playing in the water.  There was a shallow part a bit out into the water which made it easy to get out into the bigger waves, and that shallow part also made the waves do interesting things.  It was so nice for everyone.

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