03 November 2014

Day of the Dead in Tlaquepaque Part 1

We didn't get out last year on November 1st because it was a Friday, but this year the 1st and 2nd were both on the weekend which gave us two full days to see everything we could.  On Saturday we went to Tlaquepaque.  It was a little touristy (not geared toward foreign tourists though, but Mexican), but it was also beautiful and colorful with plenty of altars and even voladores which was a surprise.  And we found a great taco place.  Of course, this is Mexico, so there is always a great taco place. But these were really good, and it was one of the taco places that come with fresh juice which made it even better.  Best of all, my husband got locked in the bathroom until I could find someone who knew how to extract him. :)

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