13 October 2014

Tequila Volcano

We climbed the Tequila volcano again a couple of weeks ago. This time we went up the other side.

If you're climbing the spine, take the right fork when the road splits. It's easier to get there from that side.  If you're going up to see the view and enjoy the volcano, take the left fork.  It's significantly prettier on that side.

We rounded up a group of people to go with us this time.  One couple carried a baby up and not everyone was in the best shape, but no one had trouble.  Our six-year-old was fine. I wouldn't want to take toddlers or preschoolers up though, or at least not more than one.


  1. And here I was thinking this was going to be about some edgy, decadent Mexican dessert, like chocolate lava cake.

  2. And now I have to create it. :)