25 October 2014

Quick Just-Rice Horchata

I love horchata but the traditional method requires way too much advanced planning for me so I need a quicker version. My mother has an even quicker one that uses coconut milk and rice milk that I love, but since I usually don't have coconut milk around (although I could use the coconut drinks they sell everywhere here, and maybe I will someday), here's a version that uses just rice, water, cinnamon, and sugar (no almonds because that would require more effort on my part).

1/3 cup rice
2.5 cups water
1/4 c sugar
Lots of cinnamon (powdered or sticks)

Put the rice and 1 cup water in a large dish (I used a 4-cup Pyrex thing) and microwave till the water comes to a boil.  Let it sit for a few minutes if you have time, then dump it in a blender with the rest of the water, the sugar and the cinnamon.  Blend it up till it's smooth and you're done.

You add more or less water if you like (I'd go with more water rather than less), or more or less sugar.  Some people add some milk.  You can add vanilla.  Or anything else that you think is good.

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