23 October 2014

Jerusalem: The Biography

One of my favorite things is when I find a new history or (best of all) autobiography of an ancestor.  It doesn't matter if I know a lot about them or almost nothing; it's always fascinating to read a different take on their lives and also to read again about the best parts.

That is exactly what I felt like when I was listening to this book.  Bridget recommended it a while ago and I thought I ought to read it, but didn't and forgot about it, till a few weeks ago when something jogged my memory and I checked it out.  I hadn't read much about Jerusalem for the last 10 or so years at least, but reading this was like meeting an old friend again.  The stories, the history, the dates, everything, were all familiar, but also refreshing and new.

I wouldn't have told everything in the same way, of course, and the reader mispronounced a lot of Arabic words (and has picked up the unfortunate switching of "g" for "q" so Qaytbay was Gaytbay, for example), but I love listening to this.  It's long and might seem a bit rambly, but so good.

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