26 October 2014

Green Jocoque Enchiladas

This is really similar to this recipe, but it's even easier.

12 fresh corn tortillas
1-1.5 cups jocoque
300 grams cheese (adobera is best)
Rajas from 3-6 poblanos
1-1.5 cups tomatillo salsa

Heat the oven to 175/350. Smear a bit of salsa on the bottom of a 9x13 baking dish and layer on half the tortillas.  Cover those with the rajas and cheese, then add some of the jocoque and more green salsa.  Cover with the rest of the tortillas and top with the remaining jocoque and salsa.

I think the best substitute for jocoque is probably mixing equal parts crema and plain yogurt.  I need to experiment with that more, but it probably won't be till I leave Mexico.

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