04 October 2014

General Conference and Languages.

I know I've been awfully Mormony recently, but here's another post about it.

It's our twice-a-year General Conference this weekend.  I always look forward to staying home and eating good food* while listening to it (and right now, a weekend in English is highly valued by a lot of the family). And we do puzzles and legos and apparently one son is going to make chain mail and my husband will probably build a little pyramid model and maybe I'll work on a quilt with the Day of the Dead fabric I found yesterday.  Because I'm feeling smug about that.

But the thing I'm most looking forward to this weekend is that Conference talks finally won't all be given in English.  I'm assuming the talks-in-other-languages thing will start small, but this weekend we should be able to hear from people who never will have been able to speak in Conference before because they couldn't speak English well enough.  And that's huge.

I'm looking forward to someday having President Uchtdorf speak in German rather than English, not because his English is a problem (he speaks better English than a lot of native speakers), but for the message it would send that English is not the only language of the church.  That even a very-well-spoken second language isn't a native language.  That we can choose which language we want to use.  And that languages matter in this church and that will can find ways to keep it from becoming a barrier.

*We're eating Mormon scones, Lebanese tahini flatbreads, Bangkok waffles, cheese and crackers, Italian bread with sun-dried tomatoes (except they're homemade oven-dried tomatoes, but I'm betting the jars of sun-dried tomatoes at the store didn't spend much time outside), pumpkin pie (because youngest son thinks it's the best thing ever which is weird), and more. Lovely.


  1. I'm so excited about this change, and you are so right about how huge it is. I wish there were a way to turn off the English dubbing online though! I wanted to listen to the Spanish and Portuguese talks in Spanish and Portuguese, but couldn't hear much underneath the dubbing. Still, this is a major step forward!

  2. I should have a post going up tomorrow about the dubbing. I feel pretty strongly about it. :)