09 October 2014

Chilaquiles with Requeson and Chorizo

I had leftover chorizo and requeson (ricotta) from this weekend, and some old tortillas and tomatoes so I put them all together into chilaquiles.

25-30 corn tortillas (I had a mix of regular and nopal)
6 tomatoes
Hunk of onion
A few cloves of garlic
Requeson (I had about a pound)
Chorizo (I had one cup cooked)

Leave the tortillas out to dry overnight, or dry them in a warm over till they're leathery but not crisp.

Put the tomatoes, onion, and garlic (you can roast them first if you like) into a blender and puree them.  Heat some oil in a skillet, then pour the tomatoes in and cook them a bit till they're red instead of pink.  Add the cheese, sausage, and salt to taste.

Tear the tortillas into bite-sized pieces and fry them lightly in oil.  You're not trying to make them crispy.  Dump the sauce over them.  If you want to let things soften, cook everything for 10 minutes, or just cook them for a couple of minutes.  Your choice.

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