03 September 2014

Western Mexico (sort of) Archaeological Sites

We visited as many INAH sites as we could around the DF, but there just aren't as many in this part of Mexico.  But here's what we can do, except for ones in Michoacan and Zacatecas.  I really want to go to La Quemada at least, but as of right now we're not allowed to drive there.  I'm going to have to keep an eye on the rules.  I don't think we'll get lucky enough that we can go to Michoacan sites.


El Grillo and Ixtepete are both off the pereferico on this side of town.  They'll be easy Sunday afternoon trips, or maybe even weekday ones. Also, it looks like El Diente has something to see.  The boys go out there for rock climbing, so maybe I'll tag along sometime.

That's it for Jalisco, except for Guachimontones.


Ixtlan del Rio is just past Jalisco on the toll road going past Tequila.  It takes less than two hours to get there and is an easy drive.


El Chanal and La Campana are both near Colima.  We've been planning to do a weekend trip there where we can see these sites and climb the volcano. It's about 2.5 hours to Colima.


These are further away, generally 3-4 hours depending on how far out of the way we have to go to avoid Michoacan.  We've been to Canada de la Virgin and I want to see Plazuelas, Peralta, and El Coporo.


This isn't in western Mexico, but El Cerrito is near Queretaro and I hope we get to visit Queretaro someday instead of just driving though it.

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