02 September 2014


There are good things and bad things about being the type of expats we are now. I'll spare you the rehash of that, but one really good thing that I've been reminded of the last few days is that we're lucky to have reliable water in this house.  The house came with a cistern and pump so we'd always have water, no matter whether we should have had water.  The pump was broken this weekend so we saw how often the city water was off. It was never enough to be a problem, but it was always enough to make me glad I keep water in the pantry.

Dealing with the water when we lived in Tokmok was one of the hardest things about living there.  Having reliable water in all parts of the house as an expat is amazing.  And not fair, since everyone else has to deal with the water problems. It makes such a difference if you know when you'll have water.

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