25 September 2014

Taco Fillings

When I make tacos, I usually do four different fillings.  I don't have recipes for all of them since I buy a few here (especially the arrachera, pibil, and picadillo).  I also need to work on a few more recipes using chicken and chorizo.

Flor de Calabaza 

1 small onion, chopped
A bunch of minced garlic
2-4 tomatoes, chopped
3 bunches of squash flowers (about 35), stems removed, rinsed, and chopped
Some rajas, if you want

Saute the onion in the oil till it's soft, then toss in the garlic and cook for another minute, then add the tomatoes.  Let them cook down for about 5-10 minutes, then add the squash flowers, rajas, and salt.  Cook for a couple more minutes till it's a little drier.

Queso Fundido 

Buy some good Mexican cheese than melts.  We like adobera best.  Oaxaca is stringy, the hard cheese usually don't melt well, panela is bland, chihuahua is good, manchego (Mexican-style) is good too.  Or you can just use whatever you can find.  Dump it in a cast iron pan and cook it till it's lovely and melty. You can also get it with chorizo here which is yummy too.


There are a million ways to do beans.  I cheat and keep it really simple. I don't care what kind you use.  I've used so many different beans that I can't imagine it really matters.  Here I like Flor de Mayo.  Pinto beans certainly aren't required and they're not common in Guadalajara.

Rinse some beans.  Dump them in a crockpot with some water, a coarsely chopped onion or two, and a bunch of chopped garlic.  Cook them till they're done.  You can presoak, but even with my hard water, I can cook them in the crockpot before dinner if I start in the late morning or early afternoon.  When they're cooked, pour out some of the water so they're not too soupy, then add some salt and spices if you like (I just do cayenne, but coriander and cumin are really good), then blend it all up.


This hardly needs a recipe, but I usually make this when we have tacos.  I just mash up some avocados and add salt and lime.  I like one small lime per avocado.


There are so many ways to prepare eggs for tacos.  You can just scramble them for picky eaters, or add some salsa, or cook them with onion and garlic. Or a million other things.


Saute some chopped onions, then add some chopped potatoes.  I usually cook them in the microwave for a few minutes to get them started.

Eggs and Potatoes with Salsa Verde

One of my favorites is to cook the potatoes as above and scramble some eggs.  When the potatoes and onions are cooked, add the eggs and some green salsa and cook another minute or two. Chorizo is nice too.

Rajas con Crema

3-5 poblanos, roasted, steamed, peeled, and cut into thin strips
1 large onion, very thinly sliced
A few tablespoons of oil
A bit of chopped garlic, if you like (I like)
1/2-1 cup crema, or cream (not sour cream for this one)
Salt to taste
Spice to taste

Cook the onions slowly over medium heat till they're sweet and golden, about 15 minutes. Add the garlic and rajas and cook for a couple more minutes, then add the crema and seasonings to taste. Simmer for a couple more minutes and serve.

Rajas con Queso

Turn a few poblanos into rajas and fill a taco with them and some cheese.

Masa Achiote Chicken

Marinate some chicken in equal parts achiote paste and Seville orange juice, along with some minced garlic, then cook it and shred it.  It might need a little salt.


Zucchini with Corn and Crema



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  2. Your timing is perfect. The nine of us will be eating some of these at the cabin this weekend.

  3. I am very glad there will be nine of you. :)