23 September 2014

Picadillo and Stuff

I really, really try to not snack too much when I go to the tianguis.  Maybe if I only went once a week or less it would be different, but when I go three times a week, it's just better that way.  Because it's just too tempting.  There are amazing tacos on handmade tortillas, all kinds of gorditas, amazing fresh fruit drinks, and so much more to buy.  And everyone is willing to give you a sample of what they're selling.

Chava the dairy guy gives the best samples of all. He gives out tortillas filled with beans or picadillo and topped with fresh panela, or tostadas with different cheeses and salsas.  I usually decline, but yesterday he insisted that I try the picadillo.  It was so good with shredded meat and potatoes and I couldn't help buying a little for lunch today, at least for the boys, because with two tortillas, a lot of picadillo, and some cheese (and the raspberry pastries I bought for me and the boys on the way home), I just didn't need anything else.

I keep thinking that I really need to practice making Mexican food more often so I can keep making it when we leave (it's going to be so much more fun to go to Mexican groceries in the US now), but it's almost impossible to have any incentive to do so when people hand you amazing Mexican food whenever you go shopping. 

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