30 September 2014

One Year

In a few hours we'll have officially lived in Guadalajara for one year.  So here's what works here (and one bit about what doesn't).

The food.  I haven't eaten in restaurants that much since it isn't my thing, but the street food and cooking at home have both been amazing and so much fun.  And I still have a million things to try.

The weather.  It does get too hot in the spring and I definitely miss the rain and clouds then (and I'd love to have some snow), but overall the climate here is really nice.  I love the rainy season and its greenness.  I love that even when it's the hottest time of the year, it still cools off at night and it's really only hot for a few hours in the afternoon.  I love the cloudiness in the summer and fall.

Elementary schools.  There are a lot of great schools for younger children here.  My youngest is so happy at school.

Getting around.  I can walk to most everything to need to I rarely have to drive, but driving isn't bad here at all (especially after driving in the DF)  and no one minds if I make a mistake because I'm lost. And it's easy to get out and see Mexico.

Things to do.  I love that we can see historical, cultural, and natural sites all over the place.  We can go to the ocean, climb pyramids, see festivals, and so much more.  Mexico is completely fascinating in every way.

There are two things I'm not thrilled with here.  I wish we had translation at church or some way to interact with English-speaking teens online and I wish the high school choices were better. The combination of those two things have made it hard for my older boys.  But there is hockey and that makes a huge difference for my middle son.

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