20 September 2014


I found another reason to visit the Expiatorio besides all the other reasons I love that church.  There's a marquesita stand in front.  They're sort of crunchy crepes from Merida and a woman here in Guadalajara is trying to franchise some stands here.  She was an unusually good street vendor and you could tell she was different from the people who've had a stand for 50 years and are doing it because it was there in the family.

We tried one with nutella and cheese.  I'm not the biggest fan of nutella, but the cheese helped it, and my husband thought the cheese was too strong for the nutella, so it was just right for us to share.  She had a lot of different toppings and I'm planning on going back, and not just for the church. :)

ETA later that there is now another stand on Chapultepec and Lopez Cotilla and another stand somewhere else that I can't remember.  This one of my favorite street food options in Guadalajara.

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